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High-Frequency Impactor Series NHK 25 in MVA Ingolstadt

Cleaning of Rotary Kilns

NetterVibration offers an innovative and cost-saving solution for freeing residues off rotary kilns. Where staff is assigned to arduously knocking off residues in kilns from the outside with a hammer, the Netter High Frequency Impactor (NHK) cleans efficiently and gently. High frequent knocks loosen widespread stubborn residues with low stroke energy. This way, operators of rotary kilns can protect their plants and save on personnel costs…

NKK Glueing Console with Rotary Vibrator NCR

Welding Was Yesterday, Now We Glue

Vibrators and impactors are mounted onto U-profiles, fastening supports or welded plates. Experienced engineers take mounting devices into consideration when constructing. In such cases, where the need for vibration is recognized later but no suitable mounting devices were planned on the stainless steel constructions, the engineers have had to somehow find a solution.

Electronic Timer AP 117

NetterVibration Modifies Reliable Timer

NetterVibration has developed a new timer. The device called AP 117 allows adjustment of the duty cycle of its connected vibrators according to operational requirements. The advantage: There are no limits to subdividing work intervals exactly to the second. Thus vibration can be applied to fit the needs of operation. Short periods of vibration during the course of the day as well as long lasting vibration several times a day are only two of the many possibilities to adjust the AP 117.

Streamline Your Materials Transport

It seems to be magic: A container completely filled with woodchips before the journey arrives with visibly less woodchips at its destination. This is neither a magic trick nor the consequence of a theft. This volume reduction is the result of the vibration during the journey: The heap of woodchips is being compacted. NetterVibration developed a solution enabling to make use of this free space gained already before the journey.


A High Potential for Rationalization in Wire Processing

Wire drawing plants obtain cold drawn, annealed wire in form of coils from wire manufacturers for further processing. Several steel strips hold a coil together. For further processing the steel strips must be removed and the windings sticking together because of the annealing process have to be separated.

Efficient Conveying of Production Waste

A major supplier of the automotive industry is replacing his pneumatic thrust cylinders for conveying the waste parts of the punching tools by Netter conveyor system series LineDrive. With the new conveyor system it will be possible to significantly reduce the operating costs, which means that the investment costs will have paid off within 6 months.

The NetterVibration Family Grows

Since mid-June 2014, customers on the Iberian Peninsula are attended and provided directly and fast. For this purpose three employees with extensive skills in vibration technology and applications are at customer’s service. The sales office and warehouse are located in the economically successful north of the country close to the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian.

60 Years of NetterVibration

The year 2013 marks the sixtieth-anniversary celebrations of the international leader in vibration technology from Mainz-Kastel (Germany). Jean Netter and his wife Anne Marie first added their signatures to the business-licence application in 1953, thereby laying the foundations of NetterVibration. During the first few years of its existence, the firm’s workshop and store were both housed in the basement of the family home in the German town of Wiesbaden.

NetterVibration Designed Its Future

Francis Netter, who was CEO of NetterVibration for many years changes to the Company Advisory Board and will assume its chairmanship. His two close associates, the technical director, Thomas Reis and the operations manager, Achim Werkmann move up in their function and take over the management duties as CEOs. The new managing directors will lead the company in the spirit of its founders Jean and Anne Marie Netter into a successful future.

Netter Impactors

NetterVibration has revised the well known pneumatic impactors of the series PKL.

Impactors are used to clean off surfaces and containers. The designation of all impactors is in accordance with their piston weight. The pneumatic impactors, series PKL 125, 135, 150 (in future PKL 190, 450, 740) have been slightly modified without changing their impact power.