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Electric External Vibrators

Series NEA Single Phase Electric External Vibrators

NetterVibration Electric External Vibrator Series NEA 50550

Series NEA electric external vibrators are used whenever, for example conveyors,  vibrating tables or sieves need to be driven. In addition, these devices can loosen material blockages adhesion in silos.

The special feature of the NEA is its maintenance-free operation, even in rough environment conditions.

The NEA single phase units run at 3000 min-1 with a 230V, 50 Hz power supply. Additional voltages are available and they are also designed for operation at 60 Hz, the speed of rotation then lies at 20% above the values at 50 Hz. The unbalance is adjusted if necessary.

Generously dimensioned rolling bearing guarantee high operational safety.

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  • Circular vibration
  • Power supply 230/115 V AC
  • Integrated connector box
  • Maintenance free operation
  • Smooth housing surface
  • Stainless steel unbalance covers
  • Protection IP 66-7, ISO class F
  • ATEX and stainless steel versions available




Series NEG / NEA / NED Electric External Vibrators



2-Poles Electric Vibrators Series NEA
TitleFile (PDF)File (DXF)File (STEP)
NEA 504
NEA 5020
NEA 5050
NEA 5060
NEA 50120
NEA 50200
NEA 50300
NEA 50550
NEA 50770
4-Poles Electric Vibrators Series NEA
TitleFile (PDF)File (DXF)File (STEP)
NEA 2530
NEA 2570
NEA 25210
NEA 25420
NEA 25540
NEA 25700


ASB-G 2100 with PKL 2100

Our Series ASB Weld-On Consoles are engineered to transfer energy optimally from your vibrator to your hopper, silo or container without damaging your equipment.

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