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Electric Internal Vibrators

Series NCX M Electric Internal Vibrators

NetterVibration Electric Internal Vibrator NCX M 660 T - Horizontal

The NCX M eclectic internal vibrators are mainly used in concrete slip form pavers. Compared to the conventional vibrators, the increased centrifugal force results in a higher compaction rate.

The NCX M vibrators are available with different shapes (G – straight, elbow and T – horizontal), enabling you to adapt it to your process.

Furthermore a special versions has been developed, NCX M 760 T CC, which can be operated in both rotational directions using an appropriate control. When the NCX M T CC rotates in one direction, it works with a centrifugal force of 7,2 kN. Upon change of the rotational direction the unbalances shift relative to each other, so that the vibrator works with a centrifugal force of only 5,6 kN.

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  • Highest compaction rate in this class
  • Interchangeable elements, very service friendly
  • Straight, elbow shaped and horizontal T-Version available
  • T- Vibrator with 2 differences unbalances (CC version)
  • 110 V, 200 Hz
  • Optional thermal trips available


  • To be integrated on machinery such as slips form pavers or backhoes
  • Concrete compaction
  • Soil and sand compaction



Series NCZ, NCX, NCX M electric internal vibrators



Series NCX M 760
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NCX M 760T

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