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Cleaning With Vibration

For most industrial facilities, maintaining a clean environment is an essential part of delivering a quality product on time and within budget. Without effective cleaning processes, contaminants left on equipment can result in poor product quality, increased waste, and production slowdowns or stoppages. In fact, avoiding cross contamination is both a quality and compliance requirement that impacts food preparation, pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

At NetterVibration, we produce high-quality vibration equipment engineered to perform a wide range of industrial tasks, from thoroughly cleaning equipment to compacting bulk product prior to shipping. For more information on how our products can contribute to your company’s profitability, call +49 6134 2901-77.

Paprika Powder Retaining Moisture

NetterVibration customer in food manufacturing was using paprika powder as an ingredient, which required emptying it from a 56-liter silo and dosing with a Netter DosyPack. Due to the hygroscopic qualities of paprika powder, the material would frequently retain moisture, causing the material to form lumps inside the silo, entailing an inaccurate dosing result. Flow was further restricted by the formation of ratholes or tubes inside the material. Workers then had to manually strike the silo with a hammer to keep the material flowing, risking worker safety and potential damage to the equipment.  The inefficient flow also led to substantial downtime.

The customer installed a Netter PKL 190 pneumatic impactor to the silo, which delivers individual strokes to the side of the silo, substantially improving the flow of material and allowing it to empty thoroughly. Also, the DosyPack was equipped with a Netter NTS 250 pneumatic linear vibrator, which moves material evenly and enables highly accurate dosing of the paprika.

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Plastic Granulate Through Rubber Pipes

A NetterVibration customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulate material that was required to flow through rubber pipes. Over time, the material would build up and adhere to the insides of the pipe, restricting flow. This had an adverse effect on efficiency and caused substantial downtime as the equipment had to be shut down so workers could clean the pipes and remove any material that had accumulated.

By installing a Netter NTK 18 AL pneumatic linear vibrator, vibration is now applied to the flexible rubber pipe, improving the flow of material and resulting in a complete emptying and cleaning of the pipe. Efficiency and throughput have increased and downtimes for cleaning have been eliminated.

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Combustion Gas Fuel in a Heat Exchanger

A power plant was experiencing decreased efficiency with a heat exchanger because the combustion gas fuel was creating ash deposits on the tubes. The ash buildup was acting as an insulator, obstructing the transfer of heat energy through the tube walls.

The company installed a Netter PKL 8000 pneumatic impactor onto the heat exchanger along with an AP 117 timer that delivers a single stroke at 30-second intervals. The regular impacts prevent the ash from building up on the tubes, thus improving the transfer of heat energy through the tube walls. This has substantially increased the efficiency and service time of the equipment, while also improving profitability by reducing the amount of labor required for periodic regular cleaning.

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Power Plant Heat Exchanger

A power plant in Northern Germany that uses biomass for fuel determined that they were experiencing reduced efficiency of their stainless steel heat exchanger. The reduced efficiency was caused by ash deposits produced by the combustion gases passing through the heat exchanger. The ash deposits had been building up on the outsides of the tubes and acted as an insulator, obstructing the transfer of heat energy through the tube walls.

After installing a Netter NHK 25 high-frequency impactor onto the heat exchanger, ash build up on the tubes has been eliminated. This has substantially increased the efficiency and service time of the equipment, while also improving profitability by reducing the amount of labor required for regular periodic cleaning.

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Bulk Solid Chemical Bridging and Sticking

A NetterVibration customer in the chemical manufacturing industry, working with a 400-liter stainless steel hopper containing a fine bulk solid powder, faced significant challenges with flow, which led to inefficient emptying of the container. Build-up that included bridging, ratholing and material sticking to the interior sides was a constant problem, resulting in potential undesirable mixing between products and batches. Manual methods that included striking the sides of the hopper with a mallet were ineffective and increased the risk of injury to workers, as well as damage to the equipment.

To solve the problem, the customer installed a Netter PKL 740 pneumatic impactor with elastomer plate EE and a sequence control system NASmini8 to the hopper. During the emptying process, the PKL 740 delivers three strokes to the hopper, improving flow, emptying it thoroughly and allowing it to be filled with a new product. To keep the material from bridging on an ongoing basis, the sequence control system NASmini8 is set to trigger the impactor so that it delivers continuous strokes to the hopper for five seconds at five-minute intervals.

As a result of the case study of our products, the customer was successful in optimizing flow and preventing bridging within the hopper. This eliminated the possibility of undesirable mixing between products and batches, while enhancing overall efficiency and worker safety.

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