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Emptying and Unloading With Vibration

A challenge across many industries is the unloading of bulk solids from hoppers, bins, train carriages, truck trailers, etc. This typically happens with substances that tend to retain moisture and bind together, which reduces flow or movement. Vibration minimises bridging, ratholing and sticking, allowing materials to flow more smoothly and eliminating the need to pound on the side of the container with a mallet or hammer.


At NetterVibration, we produce high-quality vibration equipment engineered to perform a wide range of industrial tasks, from the emptying of products from bins and hoppers to cleaning material residue from equipment. For more information on how our products can contribute to your company’s profitability, call +44 2080890293.

Emptying Damp Soil from Hopper Cars

A Netter customer in the shipping and transport industry was experiencing difficulty in thoroughly emptying hopper cars of ash upon delivery. Because ash tends to retain some moisture, it was forming clumps and sticking to the inside of the car. Frequently, workers would have to dislodge the ash manually, which is time consuming and risky, or the trains would simply return without completely emptying the car.

The customer purchased an NHW 7000 hydraulic vibrator and, using a front loader, applied the vibration to the hopper car while it was being unloaded. This shook the ash off of the sides and bottom of the car, allowing it to fall freely out of the car. As a result, the car is emptied faster, and because it is emptied thoroughly, it can be re-filled completely, allowing more material to be delivered with each trip.

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Emptying Viscous Fluids More Quickly and Completely

A Netter customer in the chemical manufacturing industry working with a highly viscous fluid was experiencing difficulty in emptying the fluid from a barrel. Because the opening through which the fluid was draining was very small, emptying the barrel was a time-consuming process.

The customer purchased and installed a Netter NTS 180 NF linear vibrator. The vibration applied to the barrel improved the flow of the fluid through the opening, reducing the amount of time it took to completely discharge the contents of the barrel. This resulted in a substantial increase in production capacity.

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Eliminating Hammering to Avoid Bridging

A Netter customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was experiencing substantial bridging and buildup of product inside its hoppers during emptying, especially when working with fine powders and substances that tended to retain slight amounts of moisture. This meant that the only way to achieve thorough emptying was to strike the sides of the hopper with a hammer or mallet, risking worker safety and potentially causing damage to the hopper.

The customer installed a Netter PKL 740 pneumatic impactor powered by compressed air and fitted with an automation control. By delivering continuous, measured strikes to the side of the hopper with a piston, the PKL 740 made it possible to completely empty the product from the hopper.

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Emptying Big Bags Completely and ATEX Safely

A Netter chemical industry customer frequently emptied large bags up to 1,000 liters/2,000 kg. of the product into a container, but was unable to empty the bag thoroughly. This required workers to manipulate the bag manually to make sure all of the product had been emptied. Their objective was to provide a way to automate the process so that the bags would empty thoroughly without requiring manual labor. Also, the environment is classified ATEX zone 22 because of the potential for dust so it was required that the system not produce any sparks or discharge static electricity.

The customer installed a Netter NCT 55 E vibrator to a base assembly, allowing the contents of the bags to be thoroughly emptied. Also, the equipment was made according to ATEX Zone 22, eliminating the possibility of sparks or static discharge.

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