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Loosening With Vibration

When raw material is shipped to a manufacturing facility, frequently the product can become bound together. Vibration can loosen these materials, whether it’s bulk product stuck to the inside of a container or wire coils bound around a spindle. Also, materials, parts and products can accumulate at bottleneck areas or turns in a production line and get stuck. Vibration quickly and gently loosens these jams and keeps the process moving.


At NetterVibration, we produce high-quality vibration equipment engineered to perform a wide range of industrial tasks, from preventing production line jams to thoroughly emptying material from bins and hoppers. For more information on how our products can contribute to your company’s profitability, call +44 2080890293.

Loosening Wire Coils

A NetterVibration customer operating a wire drawing plant, was faced with a significant challenge while processing large spools of cold-drawn annealed wire delivered by their supplier. Typically, the first step in the process is to loosen the coils, which are held together by steel bands. Due to the annealing process, the windings of coiled wire tend to stick together and have to be loosened and separated before it can be used.

Loosening the coils manually was a time-consuming task for workers at the plant, often taking 20 to 30 minutes per coil. Also, there was a substantial risk of injury, as the thick steel wire always had the potential to snap quickly once separated.

The customer purchased and began utilizing a cutomized vibrating table setting the coils on the table and applying the vibration for two minutes. This completely loosened the wound coils much more quickly than doing it manually, allowing the plant to double the throughput and improve its profitability by reducing costs. Plus, it allowed the workers to stand back at a safe distance and avoid the risk of injury.

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Using Vibration to Eliminate Frozen Screws

A Netter energy customer was using a large container in its power plant operations with a cover that was screwed into place. Due to the internal pressure of the container, the screws that secured the cover would frequently become deformed. That, combined with the introduction of small amounts of dirt, often froze the screws in place. When that happened, it was frequently necessary to bring in an outside contractor to remove the lid from the container.

The customer purchased two Netter NVT 105 pneumatic vibrators, which generated a radial motion, and a Netter NTS 50/40 vibrator, which generated a linear motion along the vertical axisThis vibration created enough separation between the male and female threads that the friction was reduced and the screws were more easily removed. The result was a substantial reduction in downtime and eliminating the cost of the outside contractor.

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