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Vibrators for engineering

The German mechanical engineering industry enjoys an excellent reputation worldwide and has contributed significantly to “Made in Germany” being regarded as a seal of quality. Numerous mechanical engineers have put their trust in vibration drives from NetterVibration.

Dosing, Conveying, Sieving, Compacting

Vibrators from NetterVibration act as drives for dosing and conveying channels, sieving plants or vibration tables. They maintain material flow, decrease friction and clean surfaces by knocking. Our experienced application engineers are at your disposal for exceptional applications across many sectors, to develop tailored solutions for your particular problem.

We will assist you in developing and producing machines and systems, with devices on loan if required, to verify theoretical approaches to a solution.

Our experienced application experts will gladly assist you on-site and help you with the implementation of your solution. We will provide support wherever and whenever you need our experience.

Using Vibration to Eliminate Frozen Screws

A Netter energy customer was using a large container in its power plant operations with a cover that was screwed into place. Due to the internal pressure of the container, the screws that secured the cover would frequently become deformed. That, combined with the introduction of small amounts of dirt, often froze the screws in place. When that happened, it was frequently necessary to bring in an outside contractor to remove the lid from the container.

The customer purchased two Netter NVT 105 pneumatic vibrators, which generated a radial motion, and a Netter NTS 50/40 vibrator, which generated a linear motion along the vertical axisThis vibration created enough separation between the male and female threads that the friction was reduced and the screws were more easily removed. The result was a substantial reduction in downtime and eliminating the cost of the outside contractor.

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Separating Boxes During the Production Process

A Netter customer who designs facilities for packaging industry had, as part of their new manufacturing line, a process wherein flat, unfolded boxes moving along a chute were picked up and moved by a robotic arm to the next step of the process. However, because the boxes would often stick together and become unlevel, the positioning of the box was not consistent and the robotic arm would frequently miss the top one.

The customer purchased and installed a Netter NCT pneumatic turbine vibrator under the chute. By vibrating the chute, they were able to reduce the friction between the boxes and level them into a consistent position. This allowed them to be more easily picked up by the robotic arm.

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Labeling Bottles with Precision

A Netter customer specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment, was experiencing difficulty with the automatic labeling of bottles on their new assembly line. For consistency of the product packaging, the labels were required to be in a precise position so they could be correctly glued into place. However, the labels tended to stick together prior to being affixed to the bottles, causing the bottles to be labeled incorrectly..

The customer installed a Netter NTS 350 NF pneumatic linear vibrator that was capable of vibrating the labels in each linear direction. This significantly reduced the friction between the labels as they were fed into the labeling mechanism and kept them in the correct position, resulting in the labels being glued into the correct position.

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Preventing Logjams During the Conveyor Process

A Netter customer working with metal bolts without heads was using a conventional linear conveyor system to feed the bolts along the process. With this system, the bolts would frequently become wedged between moving parts, creating a logjam as bolts accumulated behind the wedged pieces. This caused substantial downtime because it required workers to stop the conveyor while they manually broke up the accumulation then loosened the wedged pieces.

The customer purchased a bowl feeder mounted with a Netter NTS 100/01 pneumatic linear vibrator, in which the bowl is supported and balanced by blade springs. Because the frequency and amplitude of the NTS 100/01 are adjustable, the customer was easily able to fine tune the settings so that the metal bolts are moved gently through the process.

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