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Vibrators for the consumer goods industry

You successfully manufacture consumer goods such as pens, drawing pins, toys or washing powder for private use or consumption. Your production always has to do with large amounts and with unchanging, reproducible quality. The combination of both is the basis for success on the world market. Vibrators from NetterVibration enable a smooth, efficient and flawless production. They serve as drives for conveying and disentangling, for cleaning and draining of weighing containers, for sieving and dosing of aggregates, or for compacting all kinds of bulk materials.

Keeping quality in mind

NetterVibration’s testing tables simulate everyday workloads. Vibration tables serve as a modulation of transport processes and give some kind of indication of how well your products or packaging withstand vibrations during transportation. The resulting experimental outcome is proof of your exceptional quality.

Our experienced application experts will gladly assist you on-site and help you find and implement your solution. We provide support whenever and wherever you need our expertise.

Loosening Wire Coils

A NetterVibration customer operating a wire drawing plant, was faced with a significant challenge while processing large spools of cold-drawn annealed wire delivered by their supplier. Typically, the first step in the process is to loosen the coils, which are held together by steel bands. Due to the annealing process, the windings of coiled wire tend to stick together and have to be loosened and separated before it can be used.

Loosening the coils manually was a time-consuming task for workers at the plant, often taking 20 to 30 minutes per coil. Also, there was a substantial risk of injury, as the thick steel wire always had the potential to snap quickly once separated.

The customer purchased and began utilizing a cutomized vibrating table setting the coils on the table and applying the vibration for two minutes. This completely loosened the wound coils much more quickly than doing it manually, allowing the plant to double the throughput and improve its profitability by reducing costs. Plus, it allowed the workers to stand back at a safe distance and avoid the risk of injury.

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Increasing Efficiency by Eliminating Blockages

A Netter customer working with large amounts of wood chips was experiencing difficulty completely unloading the trucks delivering the material. Once the wagon silo was turned over the container, the wood chips passed through a sieve grate that prevented the largest pieces from falling into the container. However, the large wood chips tended to block the flow through the grate openings, causing them to build up. The small chips were also very likely to accumulate on the grate. As a result, workers were required to manually break up the blockages.

The customer purchased and installed a Netter NTP 48 B pneumatic piston vibrator. The vibration eliminated the accumulation of small pieces and allowed the smaller wood chips to flow through, while leaving the large pieces on top of the grate. This in turn substantially reduced downtime because workers no longer had to manually break up the blockages.

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Separating Products for Individual Packaging

A Netter customer that manufactures metal tweezers found that, as the items came off the production line, they were frequently interlocked with each other. In order to put them into boxes for delivery, they had to be separated into single tweezers. This step, if done manually, is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive.

To automate the process, the customer purchased a Netter NTK 25 AL pneumatic linear vibrator with adjustable amplitude and installed it on the conveyor. The vibrator produced a high-amplitude, low-frequency vibration that workers could adjust as needed, automating the process of separating the tweezers.



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Installing Cell Batteries Inline

A consumer goods manufacturer customer of NetterVibration was assembling products that required the placement of a button cell battery into the product with a specific orientation in order for the product to be operable. The customer also needed the process to be highly efficient so that they could move products quickly and maximize profits.

They purchased and started using a bowl feeder equipped with a Netter Series NTS pneumatic linear vibrator and insulated by blade springs. The bowl feeder was designed to move with enough precision to sort and correctly position the button cell batteries. As a result the process of placing the batteries into the product was automated, yielding a higher throughput without compromising accuracy.

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Automatically Conveying Tobacco for Increased Profit

A Netter customer in the tobacco industry was having workers manually move product from one production station to the next. This was an inefficient and costly process, with substantial room for human error and inconsistency in the amount of product being moved and the time it took to move it.

The customer purchased an NTK 40 pneumatic linear vibrator that now moves the tobacco through an enclosed tube from station to station. This has resulted in a significant reduction in cost because it requires less manual labor and downtime is minimized. Additionally, the process is faster and the product is fed with more uniformity.

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Compacting Manufacturing Component Parts for Shipping Efficiency

A NetterVibration customer manufacturing component parts was experiencing inefficiency in shipping their product because, as the components were being fed into the shipping containers, a cone-shaped mound formed, leaving open space on the sides of the mound and between components. This made sealing the boxes impossible without reducing the number of components and leaving a substantial amount of space in the box.

The customer agreed that compaction with an industrial vibrator was the optimal solution for flattening the contents of the box. However, because the customer did not want to increase production time, it was required that the vibration be part of the production chain. They installed an NTK 40 AL pneumatic linear vibrator to a VTR 4/6 vibrating table for roller converyors fitted with rollers, using a set of air bellows to lift the box before compaction. As a result, the customer was able to flatten the angle of repose in process, thereby making the most efficient use of the space within the boxes and reducing the company’s shipping costs.

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Compacting to Fill Large Bag Containers to a Specific Weight

A NetterVibration customer was filling large bag containers with a bulk solid to a specific weight. During the filling process, the feeder poured the material into the bag until it reached the desired weight, then stopped. However, the product being fed into the bag formed a cone-shaped mound, leaving space inside the container around the mound and the material needed to be flattened. This filling and compacting process was repeated until the desired final weight was reached and the container could be sealed.

The customer placed the container on a VTFW 10/12 vibrating table with scale with two NEG 25930 electric external vibrators installed, which is open on one side so that the pallet can be inserted onto the table from the side using only a hand pallet truck. Upon reaching the desired weight, a scale triggered the vibrators to turn on, flattening the angle of repose and compacting the contents of the bag. This enabled the customer to use the smallest container possible and fill it completely, minimizing shipping costs.

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Compacting for Better Shipping Efficiency

A NetterVibration customer filling large boxes as they sat on wood pallets was experiencing higher shipping costs than necessary due to inefficiency in filling the boxes. As the product was being fed into the box, a cone-shaped mound formed, extending above the top of the box, making it impossible to close and seal the box.

The customer used a VTF 8/12 low profile table with two NEG 25540 electric external vibrators, which is open on one side so that the pallet can be inserted onto the table from the side using only a hand pallet truck. The linear vibration supplied by the table flattened the angle of repose and allowed more components to be fed into the box. This minimized the number of boxes being shipped and therefore substantially reduced the shipping cost.

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Compacting Electronic Components

A NetterVibration customer that manufactures electronic components was experiencing inefficiency in its shipping because the loose components did not completely fill the boxes they were being shipped in. As the components were being fed into the boxes, a mound accumulated in the centre that extended above the top of the box, making it difficult to close and seal the package.

By applying an NTK 40 AL pneumatic linear vibrator to the side of the box, the customer compacted the contents of the box, flattening the angle of repose and allowing more components to be shipped in each box. This minimized the number of boxes being shipped and therefore substantially reduced the shipping cost. Furthermore, by applying the vibrator with a VAC 15 vacuum fixing device, a single vibrator could be moved easily from box to box.

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