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Sorting With Vibration

In many plant operations, including manufacturing and food preparation, mixed materials frequently need to be sorted based on size, weight or type. Because hand sorting is a slow, inaccurate process, it is often a detriment to profitability. Conversely, industrial vibration applied to sorting equipment and vibration-based sorters provide precision accuracy and take less time.

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At NetterVibration, we produce high-quality vibration equipment engineered to perform a wide range of industrial tasks, from sorting materials of varying size and weight to testing parts and products for vibration tolerance. For more information on how our products can contribute to your company’s profitability, call +44 2080890293.

Separating Boxes During the Production Process

A Netter customer who designs facilities for packaging industry had, as part of their new manufacturing line, a process wherein flat, unfolded boxes moving along a chute were picked up and moved by a robotic arm to the next step of the process. However, because the boxes would often stick together and become unlevel, the positioning of the box was not consistent and the robotic arm would frequently miss the top one.

The customer purchased and installed a Netter NCT pneumatic turbine vibrator under the chute. By vibrating the chute, they were able to reduce the friction between the boxes and level them into a consistent position. This allowed them to be more easily picked up by the robotic arm.

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Separating Products for Individual Packaging

A Netter customer that manufactures metal tweezers found that, as the items came off the production line, they were frequently interlocked with each other. In order to put them into boxes for delivery, they had to be separated into single tweezers. This step, if done manually, is time-consuming, inefficient and expensive.

To automate the process, the customer purchased a Netter NTK 25 AL pneumatic linear vibrator with adjustable amplitude and installed it on the conveyor. The vibrator produced a high-amplitude, low-frequency vibration that workers could adjust as needed, automating the process of separating the tweezers.



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Packaging Delicate Foods without Breaking Them

A Netter customer in the food manufacturing industry needed a process for packaging crackers on a large scale. The challenge was providing a way to move the crackers into the correct position for packaging without breaking them. This required gentle movement and precise positioning.

The customer purchased and installed multiple Netter NTS 250 HF pneumatic linear vibrators and incorporated them into the conveying process. These vibrators provided small-amplitude vibration with adjustable frequency, resulting in a gentle process that did not damage the crackers. Because the crackers had been correctly positioned prior to final packaging, the automated packaging process was successful.

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Labeling Bottles with Precision

A Netter customer specialised in the design and production of packaging equipment, was experiencing difficulty with the automatic labeling of bottles on their new assembly line. For consistency of the product packaging, the labels were required to be in a precise position so they could be correctly glued into place. However, the labels tended to stick together prior to being affixed to the bottles, causing the bottles to be labeled incorrectly..

The customer installed a Netter NTS 350 NF pneumatic linear vibrator that was capable of vibrating the labels in each linear direction. This significantly reduced the friction between the labels as they were fed into the labeling mechanism and kept them in the correct position, resulting in the labels being glued into the correct position.

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Removing Foundry Sand

A Netter foundry customer in France was working with a form that yielded round cores. Due to the shape of the form, which included multiple small crevices and nooks, it was very difficult to clean all of the foundry sand from the founded product.

The customer purchased a vibrating table equipped with a Netter NEG vibrator. Because the table was able to reach huge accelerations, the customer was able to achieve a thorough removal of the foundry sand, besides they were able to adjust frequency and amplitude.

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Installing Cell Batteries Inline

A consumer goods manufacturer customer of NetterVibration was assembling products that required the placement of a button cell battery into the product with a specific orientation in order for the product to be operable. The customer also needed the process to be highly efficient so that they could move products quickly and maximize profits.

They purchased and started using a bowl feeder equipped with a Netter Series NTS pneumatic linear vibrator and insulated by blade springs. The bowl feeder was designed to move with enough precision to sort and correctly position the button cell batteries. As a result the process of placing the batteries into the product was automated, yielding a higher throughput without compromising accuracy.

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