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Vibrators For the Food Industry

When processing food, whether it’s raw ingredients or finished products prior to packaging, sanitation and cleanliness are of the highest priority because contamination with bacteria or other substances can easily cause the end consumer to get sick. Stainless-steel vibration systems from NetterVibration are designed to help you achieve these sanitation requirements because stainless steel is easier to keep clean than other surfaces.

Another important priority for food processors is to be able to move product without damaging it. Some food products, like potato chips, break easily if they are subjected to excessive transporting throughout your plant. Our stainless-steel conveyor systems use gentle vibration to convey your product from station to station, keeping them largely intact. Also, vibration allows you to accurately portion your product at the packaging stage.


With vibrators from NetterVibration food processing plants can also compact bulk materials for shipping, sieve raw ingredients to remove any clumps, separate items by size, and loosen material that has gotten stuck together. With our reliable impactors and shakers, you can avoid production bottlenecks and substantially improve the efficiency of your plant.

Our experienced application experts here to help you determine which solution is right for your application and make sure that meets your needs once it’s up and running. Just contact us and let us know how we can make your operation more efficient and more profitable.

Drying Lettuce with Vibration

A Netter customer in the food industry was putting lettuce through a cleaning process that used a conveyor sieve for drying and transporting the product. During the wash, water is sprayed on the lettuce, rinsing dirt and sand from the lettuce leaves. From there, the lettuce is dried and transported along a conveyor system, resulting in a runoff of water that contains dirt and sand. The goal of the customer was to dry the lettuce, move it to the next step in the process, and filter as much of the sand and dirt as possible from the water.

The customer purchased a Netter NEG 2570 electric external vibrator and installed it on a stainless steel conveyor sieve. The vibration shook the water from the lettuce and moved it gently along the conveyor, drying it thoroughly without damaging the product. Also, because the equipment is constructed from stainless steel, it is relatively easy to clean between batches.

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Packaging Delicate Foods without Breaking Them

A Netter customer in the food manufacturing industry needed a process for packaging crackers on a large scale. The challenge was providing a way to move the crackers into the correct position for packaging without breaking them. This required gentle movement and precise positioning.

The customer purchased and installed multiple Netter NTS 250 HF pneumatic linear vibrators and incorporated them into the conveying process. These vibrators provided small-amplitude vibration with adjustable frequency, resulting in a gentle process that did not damage the crackers. Because the crackers had been correctly positioned prior to final packaging, the automated packaging process was successful.

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Breaking Up Lumps Caused by Moisture

A Netter customer working with a bulk solid that tends to retain small amounts of moisture, like salt or lime, needed to process the material so that the lumps that had formed would be broken apart. These lumps varied in size, requiring that the process be adaptable to these varying conditions.

Using a Netter vibrating table VTR 6-6 that is driven by 2 NEG 25930 electric vibrators, the customer began processing these bulk solids through a series of three vibrating sieves with progressively smaller mesh widths. The resulting output of this process was material that has only smaller and softer lumps that can then be processed with a normal sieve assembly.

Also, because the grates in this sieve must be cleaned frequently, the sieve grates are fixed in place using quick-release latches.

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Conveying Sticky Bacon Slices Safely

A Netter customer in the food service industry was challenged with moving slices of cooked bacon from a production station into a bin. Due to the grease on the product, it does not move easily along the surface of the conveyor. Also, food safety concerns required that the equipment be easy to clean thoroughly between batches.

The customer purchased and installed a stainless steel conveyor system equipped with a Netter Series NTS pneumatic linear vibrator. This allowed the bacon to be moved gently and evenly from the conveyor tray into the bin. The stainless steel construction made it easy to clean, fulfilling the customer’s food safety requirements. Also, because there are no moving parts, aside from the vibrator, very little maintenance is required and downtime is minimized.



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Feeding Lettuce Through a Washing Process

A Netter food industry customer working with lamb’s lettuce was using a conventional belt conveyor to feed the product through a cleaning process and into a collection basket, during which the lettuce was washed with water. Because belt conveyors are constructed of multiple moving parts that include a belt made from flexible material, cleaning and drying the equipment between batches proved to be a difficult task.

The customer purchased and installed a stainless steel feeder equipped with an NEG 16190 S electrical vibrator to move the product through the process. They were then able to move the lettuce through the system faster and more accurately with better uniformity. Plus, because the equipment is constructed of stainless steel, it is easier to clean and maintain. As a result, the customer was able to move more product through the process at a reduced cost.

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Incorporating Chocolate Chips into Dough

A food-industry customer that manufactures chocolate chip cookies came to the determination that they needed to make their operation more efficient, specifically the adding of chocolate chips into the dough. This had to be accomplished with a high degree of accuracy in terms of the amount of chocolate, as well as the consistency of having them distributed evenly throughout the dough. And because they are in the food industry, keeping the equipment clean is critical for food safety and avoiding undesirable mixing between batches.

The customer began using a KRE 90-40 stainless steel trough, set on a base with blade springs and coil springs and fitted with an NES 50210 electrical vibrator. This enabled the chocolate chips to be evenly and accurately distributed across the dough as it proceeded along a conveyor system. Plus, the equipment is easy to keep clean because it is constructed of all stainless-steel parts.



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Dosing with Vibration to Improve Efficiency and Safety

A food industry customer that was having salt added manually into a container filled with ingredients discovered that it was not being spread evenly throughout the recipe. The process was both slow and costly because of the use of personnel. Furthermore, because their employees were working in close proximity to the moving parts, like mixers, they were concerned about worker safety.

The customer purchased and installed an eight-liter hopper and tray mounted with an NTK 18 S pneumatic linear vibrator and a Netter DosyPack dosing station, automating the dosing process. This resulted in accurate, evenly distributed dosing of the salt and substantially reduced labor costs.



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Dosing Fruit Granulate Based on a Minimum Size

A food industry customer, working with pieces of fruit granulate in various sizes, was seeking a way to improve the speed at which they were dosing and sieving the small pieces as they were conveyed along the process. Their objectives included being able to achieve consistently homogeneous dosing of only the particles that were larger than a specific minimum size.

The customer started using an NTS 50/01 pneumatic linear vibrator mounted with a Netter PowerPack and were therefore able to accurately separate and dose the granulate accurately at a capacity of 5.6 kg per 4.25 seconds. Plus, because the equipment is constructed of stainless steel, keeping it clean is easier, minimizing the risk of food contamination.

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Paprika Powder Retaining Moisture

NetterVibration customer in food manufacturing was using paprika powder as an ingredient, which required emptying it from a 56-liter silo and dosing with a Netter DosyPack. Due to the hygroscopic qualities of paprika powder, the material would frequently retain moisture, causing the material to form lumps inside the silo, entailing an inaccurate dosing result. Flow was further restricted by the formation of ratholes or tubes inside the material. Workers then had to manually strike the silo with a hammer to keep the material flowing, risking worker safety and potential damage to the equipment.  The inefficient flow also led to substantial downtime.

The customer installed a Netter PKL 190 pneumatic impactor to the silo, which delivers individual strokes to the side of the silo, substantially improving the flow of material and allowing it to empty thoroughly. Also, the DosyPack was equipped with a Netter NTS 250 pneumatic linear vibrator, which moves material evenly and enables highly accurate dosing of the paprika.

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