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Vibrators for the plastics industry

Plastics are used in almost all areas of life. A wide range of different kinds of plastics are processed for electrical appliances, vehicles and packaging, as well as building technology, medical products and toys. However different the fields may be, the demands are complex. The plastics must be elastic or dimensionally stable, resistant to cold or heat and have special properties for sterile areas in the food and pharmaceutical industry.


NetterVibration has the right solution approach for conveying, dosing and sieving your granules and plastic parts, and for emptying containers. Your application is what is important. Our application consultants have years of experience in the plastics processing industry and are acquainted with the applications for vibration technology in your field.

Our application experts will gladly consult you on-site and help you find and implement the right solution for your application. We will support you wherever and whenever you need our experience.

Separating Large and Small Plastic Particles

A Netter customer in the plastics manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulates of different sizes. In order to process the material quickly and efficiently, the customer needed to separate the granulate pieces by size as it was conveyed.

The customer purchased a Netter KRE 25-120 closed trough and sieve with dual outlets, one for larger particles and one for smaller particles. They then installed two Netter NEG 25210 electric external vibrators to the equipment. During processing, the smaller granulates fell through the openings of the sieve and were conveyed through one outlet, while the larger pieces stayed on top of the mesh and were conveyed through the other outlet.



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Emptying Big Bags Completely and ATEX Safely

A Netter chemical industry customer frequently emptied large bags up to 1,000 liters/2,000 kg. of the product into a container, but was unable to empty the bag thoroughly. This required workers to manipulate the bag manually to make sure all of the product had been emptied. Their objective was to provide a way to automate the process so that the bags would empty thoroughly without requiring manual labor. Also, the environment is classified ATEX zone 22 because of the potential for dust so it was required that the system not produce any sparks or discharge static electricity.

The customer installed a Netter NCT 55 E vibrator to a base assembly, allowing the contents of the bags to be thoroughly emptied. Also, the equipment was made according to ATEX Zone 22, eliminating the possibility of sparks or static discharge.

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Plastic Granulate Through Rubber Pipes

A NetterVibration customer in the chemical manufacturing industry was working with plastic granulate material that was required to flow through rubber pipes. Over time, the material would build up and adhere to the insides of the pipe, restricting flow. This had an adverse effect on efficiency and caused substantial downtime as the equipment had to be shut down so workers could clean the pipes and remove any material that had accumulated.

By installing a Netter NTK 18 AL pneumatic linear vibrator, vibration is now applied to the flexible rubber pipe, improving the flow of material and resulting in a complete emptying and cleaning of the pipe. Efficiency and throughput have increased and downtimes for cleaning have been eliminated.

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