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Efficient Conveying of Production Waste

Efficient Conveying of Production Waste

A major supplier of the automotive industry is replacing his pneumatic thrust cylinders for conveying the waste parts of the punching tools by Netter conveyor system series LineDrive. With the new conveyor system it will be possible to significantly reduce the operating costs, which means that the investment costs will have paid off within 6 months.

The user is the world’s leading supplier in the field of acoustic and thermal management for motor vehicles. He provides innovative and cost-efficient solutions for acoustic and thermal management to increase vehicle comfort and value. During the manufacturing process of vehicle parts there are also waste parts produced in the punching tools. These waste parts fall down into troughs, from where they have to be removed to avoid clogging of the tools. Up to now long pneumatic cylinders have been used for this task. These cylinders have high air consumption, high maintenance requirement and lead to hundreds of thousands in maintenance and repair costs.

After extensive consultation with the local application technician from NetterVibration a punching tool was equipped with the Netter conveyor system of the series LineDrive. Continuous accurate measurements of air consumption, maintenance works and handling prove significant benefits such as:

  • Constant conveying
  • Distinctly reduced air consumption
  • Considerably less maintenance requirement
  • Quicker and easier tool change
  • Adjustable conveying rate
  • Lower investment costs

Due to the positive results all punching tools are now being retrofitted with the Netter conveyor system of the series LineDrive.