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Últimas Novedades

Successful appearance at the Achema 2018

NetterVibration took part again this year in the Achema, the leading trade fair for chemical and process technology. Our application experts offered advice, which went successfully, and our engineers presented their latest inventions.

Cleaning of Rotary Kilns

NetterVibration offers an innovative and cost-saving solution for freeing residues off rotary kilns. Where staff is assigned to arduously knocking off residues in kilns from the outside with a hammer, the Netter High Frequency Impactor (NHK) cleans efficiently and gently. High frequent knocks loosen widespread stubborn residues with low stroke energy. This way, operators of rotary kilns can protect their plants and save on personnel costs…

Welding Was Yesterday, Now We Glue

Vibrators and impactors are mounted onto U-profiles, fastening supports or welded plates. Experienced engineers take mounting devices into consideration when constructing. In such cases, where the need for vibration is recognized later but no suitable mounting devices were planned on the stainless steel constructions, the engineers have had to somehow find a solution.

Aumentando el Rendimiento en Trefilado de Alambre

Las plantas de trefilado utilizan como materia prima alambre recocido en frío, el cual se les suministra bobinado y tensado con tiras de acero para evitar que desenrolle durante el transporte y almacenamiento.  Para comenzar el proceso de trefilado, es necesario retirar las tiras de acero y separar el cable devanado.

Eliminación eficiente de los desechos de producción

Durante su proceso de fabricación, después del troquelado, los desechos producidos deben ser eliminados, con el fin de evitar la obstrucción de los canales de las troqueladoras, ya que dicha obstrucción, podría llegar a interrumpir el proceso de fabricación. Anteriormente, estos desechos eran eliminados mediante grandes cilindros de empuje.