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Innovative vibration solutions for effective bulk material handling in the food industry

During the production process, raw materials, such as powders, grains, vegetables and meats are constantly in motion from delivery of the material to packaging the end product.

Whether the material is fluid, viscous, dusty, grainy or powdery: it must be conveyed, sieved, dosed and packaged.

NetterVibration, who are specialists in the development and manufacture of vibration technology since 1953, provides solutions for conveying, compacting, fluidisation, sieving and cleaning in the processing of food in all environmental conditions.

With decades of experience and excellent technical know-how, NetterVibration finds the right solution for every problem – always tailor-made to the respective customer needs and, of course, adapted to the special requirements of the food industry. To comply with the highest hygiene standards, NetterVibration offers vibrators and systems made of stainless steel, mild steel and also has ATEX and high temperature variants in its product range.

Food companies from all over the world rely on NetterVibration’s innovative vibration technology. Especially in Switzerland, many customers are convinced of the high-quality products and clever solutions.

The traditional pastry maker Kambly from Trubschachen in the canton of Bern uses pneumatic piston vibrators from NetterVibration to avoid bridging in the flour and raw material silos. Fixed on the cone with the innovative adhesive console NKK, the vibrator, automatically switches on every ten seconds for two seconds during emptying and thus guarantees a smooth drainage of the product.

The renowned Bertschi bakery from Kloten near Zurich optimises its weighing process of flour mixtures by emptying the weighing containers with a pneumatic impactor series PKL.

Due to the PKL’s automated knocking, the adhering residual material can be emptied quickly and reliably. This ensures an exact dosage and avoids possible impurities when changing the mixture.