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Netter Impactors

Pkl_gf_3114NetterVibration has revised the well known pneumatic impactors of the series PKL.

Impactors are used to clean off surfaces and containers. The designation of all impactors is in accordance with their piston weight. The pneumatic impactors, series PKL 125, 135, 150 (in future PKL 190, 450, 740) have been slightly modified without changing their impact power.

The PKL 170 is replaced by the successor model PKL 2100. The PKL 2100 is a new development which is based on many years of experience with impactors. The air flow within the impactor has been improved, thus considerably increasing efficiency and impact force. The automatic control “ST“ which enables a continuous impact sequence when connected to a permanent compressed air supply, is realized inside the impactor and not anymore via a tube at the outside. For that reason installation dimensions are considerably reduced. The design of PKL 200, 220, 240 will be successively changed in analogy to the PKL 2100.