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NetterVibration Modifies Reliable Timer

NetterVibration’s new timer AP117 comes with an extended operating mode. This mode allows adjustment of the connected vibrators in an easy way in order to save energy and reduce the continuous noise level.

Electronic Timer AP 117
Electronic Timer AP 117

NetterVibration has developed a new timer. The device called AP 117 allows adjustment of the duty cycle of its connected vibrators according to operational requirements.

The advantage: There are no limits to subdividing work intervals exactly to the second. Thus vibration can be applied to fit the needs of operation. Short periods of vibration during the course of the day as well as long lasting vibration several times a day are only two of the many possibilities to adjust the AP 117.

Targeted vibration is always justified whenever processes underlie a certain cycle. In this way, for example, bridging in silos, which occurs only after a certain amount of time, is loosened early enough. This not only reduces energy costs, as a clocked period of vibration reduces the operating time of the vibrators, but thereby also background noise.

The AP 117 is designed to be operated easily and intuitively. Special knowledge in programming is not necessary. The display is easily legible.

The idea behind the AP series is to automate processes simply in order to save time and energy, to protect equipment and material against damage and to reduce continuous noise level emitted from the operated devices. The new timer is designed to match the individual requirements of production processes and to operate the connected vibrators only when they are needed.

The fields of application of the AP 117 are numerous: It empties containers, regulates conveyance of bulk materials, optimises time-wise the compaction of powders for perfect results.