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One of the Smallest and Most Powerful Impactors in the World

NetterVibration introduce their new pneumatic interval impactor PKL 125 at the “ANUGA FOOD TEC” exhibition in Cologne from April 4th to April 7th 2006.

This is a new addition to the familiar PKL series. In response to increasing customer demand for an impactor of compact construction and small dimensions, Netter has produced the PKL 125, with these characteristics. It allows many new applications, for which the existing pneumatic impactors in the series have either too much impact force or are too large in size. Applications on thin walls and small containers are now possible.

Impactors from the PKL series are used to knock stubborn adhesions from walls, pipes or containers. Compressed air is used to load a piston against springs and is then quick-exhausted to atmosphere via a control valve, causing the piston to strike the impact surface. The impact force is continuously adjustable by varying the operating pressure. It is, therefore, possible to manually adjust the force of the impact to suit the bulk material characteristics without modifying the unit. In addition, two different kits are available. The ST kit starts a series of impacts using a pneumatic control signal. The EE kit creates a “rubber hammer”-effect and serves to reduce the noise level. Due to its lubrication-free operation and smooth body construction, this impactor is particularly recommended for applications in the food industry. The unit is also available as an Ex-version, in accordance with the ATEX regulations.

Netter guarantee all of their impactors for 24 months and up to 300,000 impacts.