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Materialtransporte_effizienter_gestalten1You Can Fill In More Than Expected.

It seems to be magic: A container completely filled with woodchips before the journey arrives with visibly less woodchips at its destination. This is neither a magic trick nor the consequence of a theft. This volume reduction is the result of the vibration during the journey: The heap of woodchips is being compacted. NetterVibration developed a solution enabling to make use of this free space gained already before the journey.

GyroShake allows a volume reduction of up to 30% before each journey. The principle is really simple: GyroShake shakes a loaded container until the material heap has been considerably compacted and the volume has been visibly reduced. So you gain space and you can fill in more material than expected.

The following example illustrates the significant benefit of GyroShake: Thanks to a 30%volume reduction a forwarder may reduce the number of ten daily journeys to merely seven and may hence save ready cash. GyroShake is a German quality product with a long lifetime and a short payback time.

If you would like to have more information about this application or if you are interested in a similar application in your company (e.g. with other bulk material such as waste glass, rubble or sand), please contact us now! We will be pleased to advise you.

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