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Tiny, powerful vibrators for the industry

NTP 18 NTS 80
NTP 18 and NTS 80

NetterVibration has developed two new vibrators: With the compressed air piston vibrators NTS 80 and NTP 18, the two series acquire new, very tiny, high-performance types. They were developed for applications on delicate constructions and for those with low heights. These vibrators are particularly suitable for overcoming static friction and cleaning containers, hoppers and pipes of small volumetric capacity. While the NTP 18 demonstrates its strengths in cyclic tasks, such as removing stubborn, moist deposit build-ups, the NTS 80 improves material flow during continuous processes. Applications can be found in almost all industries such as the chemical, pharmaceutical or food production.

The Pneumatic Linear Vibrators of the series NTP 18 and NTS 80 are the smallest compressed air vibrators on the market today. They require little space and have very low compressed air consumption at a high frequency.