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Electric Internal Vibrators

Reliability And High Performance with Electric Internal Vibrators

Electric internal vibrator with high performance

NetterVibration has vast experience in the construction field, allowing us to offer you custom solutions according to your application requirements.

Electric internal vibrators, also known as vibrating pokers, produce a circular vibration at high frequency, especially designed to be immersed into the product to be vibrated such as concrete, sand or any viscous product. This kind of vibrators are particularly suitable for achieving high compaction performance with optimum extraction of air porosity, due to their enormous centrifugal forces.

NetterVibration provides different series to meet your needs:

  • Series NCX and NCX/S: These modular design vibrators consist of a stator, rotor and an outer sleeve with a steel or Vulkollan® nosepiece, very easy to service and with a high compacting efficiency.
  • Series NCZ and NCZ/S: The highest performance electric internal vibrator with a head made with a tungsten carbide coating, one thermo sensor per phase to protect against burn-out and special suspended unbalance to ensure long-term reliability and lifespan.
  • Series NCE and NXE: This series has the equivalent performance of the series NCZ and NCX, integrating an electronic micro-converter to be connected directly to 230 V power sockets.
  • Series NCX M: An electrical internal vibrator to be integrated in machinery, such as concrete slip form pavers or backhoes.

All electric internal vibrators have the same working principle. An electric motor with an unbalance mounted on a rotor which turns, generates the centrifugal force to create the circular vibration. The centrifugal force depends on the unbalance and rotor rotation speed.

Features and advantages:

  • Circular vibration
  • Highest compaction rate
  • Interchangeable elements
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Head available of different materials
  • Variety of voltages available

Tasks Performed:

  • Compacting
  • Concrete compacting

Industries Served:

  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Foundry

The following chart shows the main technical data:

From To From To From To From To
 Nominal Frequency [min -1] 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Centrifugal Force [N] 1,200 6,000 1,160 10,470 1,160 4,800 6,000 9,000
Effective diamenter [cm] 40 85 40 160 40 65 110 150
Compaction rate [m3/h]  11 60 16 65  11 60 60 65

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