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Extreme Temperature Vibrators

Vibrators Designed For Extreme Temperatures

Example of Extreme Temperatures

For some industries, extreme temperatures can present an operational challenge. At foundries and power plants, for example, equipment is frequently subjected to high temperatures. At NetterVibration, we manufacture durable industrial vibrators used by power plants to clean ash build up from heat exchangers. At foundries, our vibrators are highly effective at demolding cast-iron products and cleaning rotary kilns in the cement industry.

For outdoor operations in regions that experience extreme winter weather, as well as plants that use industrial freezers, we manufacture industrial vibrators that can withstand the extreme cold. In fact, by applying special coatings and using high-tech materials, we have successfully engineered industrial vibrators that operate in temperatures as high as 500 ˚C (932 ˚F) and as low as -30 ˚C (-25.6 ˚F).

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