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Rotary Vibrators

Rotary Vibrators For Circular Vibration

NetterVibration Rotary Vibrators Series

Within the range of pneumatic vibrators, the rotary vibrators are the most widespread and NetterVibration is the European leader in their application know-how.

Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators produce a circular vibration created by a rotary unbalance.

Depending on the kind of unbalance there are different Series of Rotary Vibrators:

  • Series NCB: A steel ball running on a polished race.
  • Series NCT: Turning of a turbine loaded with eccentric unbalances.

All of them have a similar operating principle. When compressed air is supplied, the unbalance (ball, roller, turbine or rotor) is accelerated to the nominal speed, creating a circular vibration with a sinusoidal shape.

Pneumatic Rotary Vibrators generate high centrifugal forces, high frequency vibrations with small (Series NCB, NCR and NCT) or medium unbalances (Series NTV).

In the following video, the result of applying a rotary vibrator (Series NCB) under a vibrating plate mounted on coil springs is shown. The movement generated is totally circular and sinusoidal.

Features and advantages:

  • Compact and robust design
  • Light weight
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan
  • Frequency continuously adjustable via air pressure
  • High power to weight ratio
  • Special versions avaIlable

Tasks Performed:

  • Cleaning
  • Conveying
  • Loosening and Releasing
  • Sorting and Separating
  • Testing
  • Compacting
  • Sieving
  • Emptying

Industries Served:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Food
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Plastics
  • Machinery
  • Foundry
  • Manufacturing

In the chart bellow, the most significant data for pneumatic rotary vibrators are shown,  along with a comparison of ball (Serie NCB), roller (Serie NCR), turbine (Series NCT) and rotor vibrators (Series NVT, NVG, NVR and NQT):

From To From To From To From To
Frequency [min-1] 7,220 42,340 10,140 34,304 5,100 45,460 9,000 17,500
Centrifugal foce [N] 222 4,866 878 9,100 288 8,659 7,130 62,260
Unbalance [cm·kg] 0.005 0.808 0.031 1.2 0.006 5 0.45 9.8
Air Consumption High Medium Low High
Noise level
Medium High Low High
Lubrication Recommended Recommended Not necessary Recommended
Performance Low Medium High Very high

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