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Pneumatic Impactor Series PKL 740 on pipe DN 350

With more than 65 years’ experience, NetterVibration is the worldwide leader in vibration technology. Throughout our history, our engineering team has developed numerous highly effective solutions for many customer challenges, working side by side with our customers to meet their unique demands.

For example, we have designed and manufactured customized consoles for mounting vibrators or pneumatic knockers on pipes, moving structures, heat exchangers and complex-shaped silos. These are just a few examples where we worked with our customers to understand the challenges they are facing and designed a solution to meet their needs. Whatever the application, whatever your requirements, NetterVibration will provide a customized solution, increasing your plant’s performance.

So whatever challenge you’re facing, contact us and let us design the right solution for you!


  • Customized consoles for each application
  • Integral solutions
  • Stainless Steel and ATEX-certificated solutions


  • Consoles for pipes and flanges
  • Cleaning of moving structures
  • Cleaning of heat exchangers


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