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Electric Internal Vibrators

Series NCE and NXE Electric Internal Vibrators

Netter Electrical Internal Vibrator NXE 380 B

Series NCE and NXE electric internal vibrators correspond in performance to those of performance to those in the NCZ and NCX series. They differ in just one aspect the NCE and NXE series have an electronic micro-converter with a hand switch integrated in the power cable, so that the internal vibrators can be connected directly to 230 V power sockets. In the NXE B version, the micro-converter is mounted separately, after the hand switch.


  • Direct connection to 230 V
  • Light weight, easy handling
  • Maximum service life due to thermal sensor
  • Nominal frequency 12,000 min-1
  • Centrifugal force 1,160 N to 6,000 N
  • Voltage 230 V, 50-60 Hz, Single phase



  • Concrete compaction
  • Soil and sand compaction
  • Compaction of any viscous product
  • Suitable also for small or private construction sites



NetterVibration Diesel Generators Series NFG

NetterVibration diesel generators series NFG are ideal for powering our electric internal and external vibrators onsite when no electric supply is available. The converter is coupled directly on the Hatz diesel generator. Secondary current 42 V or 250 V available.

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