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Hydraulic External Vibrators

Series CV, CC, CCV and DV Hydraulic External Vibrators

NetterVibration External Hydraulic Vibrator Series CCV

NetterVibration hydraulic external vibrators Series CV, CC, CCV and DV are especially suitable to unload rail wagons and bulk hoppers as well as for the sieving and compacting of different materials. Trucks and tractors which use hydraulic energy for dumping and lifting, are sources of hydraulic power.

A special feature of CC/CCV vibrators is the quick manual repositioning.

The circular vibration is produced by unbalance pairs with double bearing. The frequency and thus the centrifugal force are continuously adjustable by the volume flow. The hydraulic external vibrators generate high amplitudes with low frequencies. The unbalances of series CC, CV, CCV and DV 2.8/4 is adjustable in 6 steps. The large unbalances of series DV 6-12, -25 and -50 is continuously adjustable. The only difference between the units is the execution of the housings. The vibrators generate very high forces in proportion to their weight.


  • Driven by flanged hydraulic motor
  • Nominal frequency from 1,750 min-1 to 5,400 min-1
  • Centrifugal force from 7,320 N to 49,210 N
  • Frequency continuously adjustable by hydraulic pressure
  • High working moment, high amplitude
  • Low unit weight combined with high capacity
  • Mounting by attachment screw (CCV), bracket (CC) or flange (CV/DV)



  • Suitable to unload rail wagons and bulk hoppers
  • Sieving and compacting of different materials



Pneumatic Impactor Series PKL 740 on pipe DN 350

We have designed and manufactured vibrators or pneumatic knockers for pipes, moving structures, heat exchangers and complexe-shaped silos. Whatever the application, whatever your requirements, NetterVibration will provide a customized solution, increasing your plant’s performance.

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