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Netter Timers Series AP and PAP

Electronic Timer AP 117

NetterVibration provides two timers for vibrators, both of which reduce noise level, maximize performance and save money.

  • The Electronic Timer Series AP is used to operate solenoid valves for pneumatic and hydraulic vibrators and switches for electric motors at freely selectable intervals. AP 117 incorporates one cascade function to combine short and long cycles, adjusting your vibrator exactly to the second.
  • The Pneumatic Timer Series PAP is used to operate air valves. Depending on the version short or long pauses can be set, enabling run times up to 180 seconds.

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  • Precise adjustment to the second
  • Reduced noise level
  • Energy savings
  • Ease of operation
  • Easy installation
  • Dust and water-splash protected

BrochureOperating instructions


  • For the control of all types of vibrators




Series AP
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