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Variable-Frequency Drives Series SRF, NFU and ATV

NetterVibration Static Adjustable Frequency Control Series SRF

Because some applications require frequencies that cannot be achieved with normal vibrators at line frequency, NetterVibration offers three types of Variable-Frequency Drives solutions:

  • Netter Variable-Frequency Drives Series ATV, which is mounted in an IP 2x housing for installation in the customer’s existing switch cabinet.
  • Netter Variable-Frequency Drives Series NFU, with the motor output in the IP 54 housing for wall-mounting and equipped with an on-off switch, reverse switch and potentiometer for frequency adjustment.
  • Netter Variable-Frequency Drives Series SRF, which is mounted in a cabinet with a variable speed drive (Protection type IP 54). Series SRF adjusts the CC unbalances to a big or small value and can be operated and centrally controlled using a 3.5-inch color touch display to manage operations at your facility. Series SRF can also integrate the braking function to prevent uncontrolled oscillation when decelerating the vibrators. That means SRF is a customized solution to provide the maximal control and performance at your facilities.

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  • Unlimited adjustable speed control of electric external and internal vibrators
  • Parallel connection of multiple vibrators
  • Simple and robust design
  • Clearly arranged menu navigation
  • Customization based application is available

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  • Speed regulation of electric vibrators
  • Operation control for vibration tables, feeders, sieves and dosing systems


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