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Electric External Vibrators

Series NES Stainless Steel Electric External Vibrators

NetterVibration Stainless Steel Electric External Vibrator Series NES 50120

The stainless steel electric vibrators of the NES series are used mainly in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. They serve as drives for conveyor troughs, sieves and discharge devices.

The stainless steel surfaces of the vibrators are especially resistant to chemically corrosive environmental conditions and can be thoroughly cleaned manually and by machine with powerful cleaning agents.

Stainless steel electric external vibrators are three-phase current asynchronous motors with adjustable unbalances at both ends of the shaft. These unbalances generate an undirected sinusoidal vibration with the frequency of the corresponding rotation speed.

The extremely load-resistant roller bearings guarantee a long working life. All NES are suitable for operation with NetterVibration varibable-frequency drives.


  • Circular vibration
  • Especially resistant to aggressive environmental conditions
  • Centrifugal force from 296 N to 42,446 N
  • High operational safety
  • Tropical insulation by vacuum impregnation
  • Protection IP 66
    Nominal frequency from 750 min-1 to 3,600 min-1
  • Stainless steel housing



  • Mainly used in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries
  • Drives for conveyors troughs, sieves and discharge devices




2-Poles Stainless Steel Electric Vibrators Series NES
TitleFile (PDF)File (DXF)File (STEP)
NES 50120
NES 50200
NES 50300
NES 50500
NES 50770
NES 501140
NES 501540
4-Poles Stainless Steel Electric Vibrators Series NES
TitleFile (PDF)File (DXF)File (STEP)
NES 2530
NES 2570
NES 25210
NES 25540
NES 251410
NES 252060
NES 253720
6-Poles Stainless Steel Electric Vibrators Series NES
TitleFile (PDF)File (DXF)File (STEP)
NES 16190
NES 16310


Our Series ASB Weld-On Consoles are engineered to transfer energy optimally from your vibrator to your hopper, silo or container without damaging your equipment.

NetterVibration Static Adjustable Frequency Control Series SRF

Because some applications require frequencies that cannot be achieved with normal vibrators at line frequency, NetterVibration offers three types of Variable-Frequency Drives solutions.

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