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60 Years of NetterVibration


NetterVibration celebrating the company’s 60th anniversary

NV60J_062013_037akThe year 2013 marks the sixtieth-anniversary celebrations of the international leader in vibration technology from Mainz-Kastel (Germany). Jean Netter and his wife Anne Marie first added their signatures to the business-licence application in 1953, thereby laying the foundations of NetterVibration. During the first few years of its existence, the firm’s workshop and store were both housed in the basement of the family home in the German town of Wiesbaden. The organisation then grew successfully, before adopting limited-liability (GmbH) status in 1979, and is now well-established internationally with a site in Switzerland, a subsidiary in Poland and various representative offices throughout the world. Francis Netter, the founding couple’s eldest son, joined company management in 1986, and acted as sole CEO from 2004 onwards.

The constant growth of NetterVibration resulted, in 1991, in the company’s relocation to the Mainz-Kastel industrial park, and then to a further extension of its facilities in 2008.

The celebration year of 2013 also marks a time of change for the company NetterVibration. Francis Netter and the other shareholders have now transferred the company and its management responsibilities to two of its longest-serving and most-trusted employees. Since the start of this year, operations manager Achim Werkmann and technical manager Thomas Reis have been in charge of the ongoing successful development of the company. As part of an effort to ensure a smooth changeover, Francis Netter has taken a seat on the advisory board, from where he will continue to supply guidance for a few more years. Achim Werkmann proffered his thanks, during the company’s grand summer celebration on 29th June 2013, to the Netter family: “It is thanks to you that we are able to hold this celebration today. You have shown outstanding business sense, put together a great team and managed to turn a small, two-man band into an international organisation with a workforce of seventy employees. I have great admiration for the contribution made by the Netter family and would like to thank you accordingly, on behalf of all the firm’s employees.”

The summer celebrations marked the highpoint of the anniversary year. The music from the all-woman group “Wonderfrolleins” conjured up the spirit and mood of the company’s first few years of existence. Replete with delicious food and plenty of cold drinks, the party proved to be a great opportunity to interact, with even the smallest guests getting a chance to try out their artistic talents on stage. The Segways provided for the occasion also turned out to be a big attraction. They were intended to give employees a glimpse into the future, in which the company’s two new joint CEOs look well-set to continue the success of NetterVibration.