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High quality concrete compaction in the care of historical buildings


With a customised vibration table from NetterVibration, Roland Schulze Baudenkmalpflege GmbH, a provider for the preservation of historical monuments, gains a much more effective production process in the field of concrete restoration work on listed buildings.

The traditional family business from Potsdam uses the vibration system for the production of high quality, bespoke concrete parts, such as steps and columns in parks or for the restoration of house facades and balconies. The new vibration table from NetterVibration replaces the previously used concrete compaction method with internal vibrators.

The tailored vibration table is driven by two external electric vibrators mounted on the underside of the table. The constant vibration deaerates the concrete and ensures uniform compaction in the moulds on the tabletop. The result: absolutely air-free concrete parts for the further processing and finishing.

With the associated frequency converter, the effective speed of the electric vibrators can be set according to the application and conveniently switched on and off. Another technical detail is the levelling feet, which are height-adjustable to compensate for uneven floors and give the table a firm hold. In addition, this makes it easy to move the unit with a pallet truck.

For Roland Schulze, Managing Director of Roland Schulze Baudenkmalpflege GmbH, the advantages of the vibration table are obvious: "With the new vibration system from NetterVibration, we achieve higher quality production runs than before. Above all, the frequency control enables us to reduce man hours while simultaneously reducing costs and improving efficiency."

The company, which has been active for over 30 years as a specialist company for monument preservation, previously used electric internal vibrators for concrete compaction, which were more complicated to handle and left so-called "immersion points" in the concrete.