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Since 1953, NetterVibration stands for “Serving industry with vibration” and – thanks to its wide experience – holds a leading position in the field of vibration technology. Productive and intelligent solutions, technical expertise and “Made in Germany” quality form the basis of success. Vibrators from NetterVibration are applied in numerous industrial sectors as in, for example, chemical, food, construction or mechanical engineering ones. Complete vibration facilities such as vibration tables and dosing and conveyor troughs are part of our range of services.

NetterVibration offers efficient and reliable solutions. These include conveying, separating, dosing, releasing, compacting, sorting and sieving of bulk materials such as powders, pellets or granulate materials. Moreover, with vibrators from NetterVibration hoppers, pipes can be emptied and walls cleaned, as well as product jams loosened. Proven solutions for concrete compaction for the construction industry are available.

NetterVibration develops customised solutions for all specific applications in close collaboration with its customers. This often results in unique products such as the extremely low-built drive unit LineDrive for conveyor or dosing channels, or roller vibrators for extremely high temperatures (500 °C). Experienced sales representatives and application engineers gladly advise you on-site.