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Piston vibrators with dust-tight protective cap


Pneumatic piston vibrators generate a sinusoidal vibration and are used to support the flow of bulk materials of all kinds. The vibration is generated by a freely oscillating, self-reversing piston that moves back and forth. Piston vibrators in the NTK, NTS and NTP series from NetterVibration are characterised by their user-friendliness, as they are very compact and robust, yet lightweight. The NTK series is particularly suitable for conveying, compacting and loosening bulk materials. They are ideal for use on flexible hoppers and containers, as vibratory drives for small discharge and conveying chutes (especially in the Flexilink series resonance conveying system) and as drives for small vibrating tables and chutes. Production processes can also be mechanically stimulated, for example to maintain the material flow and to release product jams.

Protective cap protects against dust

When processing bulk materials, a high level of dust and contamination is usually to be expected, which can lead to material losses, dusting of machines, products and rooms, and sometimes also to exposure of employees. In the NTK series, the piston emerges from the housing and is therefore not protected. Damage can therefore occur due to the ingress of dust into the piston vibrators used. If additional weights are attached to the piston to increase the vibration amplitude and consequently the efficiency, there is also a risk of jamming and injury during operation. Bellows with a limited service life are usually used to remedy this.

As a new alternative to bellows and as an elegant, clean and safe variant, NetterVibration has now added threaded devices with a dust-tight, robust protective cap made of coated aluminium to the NTK series. With this precisely fitting cap, the vibrator can be covered dust-tight and the risk of jamming can be avoided. Disturbing corners and edges are a thing of the past with this solution which makes cleaning as easy as possible. The cap can even be used without restriction when an additional vibrating mass is installed.

At a glance

  • Robust protection made of coated aluminium
  • Improved dust and intrusion protection
  • Especially suitable for oil-free operation
  • Each available as an oil-free and ATEX-compliant version
  • Stainless steel version resistant to aggressive cleaning agents
  • Compliance with the highest hygiene standards

Full article published in Schüttgut 2/2024 (in German).

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