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Sustainably compacted - Vibratory tables for optimised bulk goods packaging


The principle of compacting

During the filling of containers, a cone of material usually forms, which must be levelled for optimum utilisation of the volume. At the same time, depending on the size and shape of the material, undesirable cavities and uneven weight distribution occur. This can result in material deformation with a corresponding loss of quality and potential problems, e.g. in subsequent processing steps.

Vibration technology can be used to cause the bulk material to vibrate, the friction between the individual components is reduced, the density increases and the bulk material takes up less space. As a result, volume is freed up for additional filling of the container. The weight distribution is optimised and the bulk material is protected. This results in correspondingly lower packaging, transport and storage costs. Viewed across the entire production chain, potential savings are realised in economic and ecological terms - wherever compactable bulk materials have to be packed and transported.

The universally designed low profile table

The compact vibration table in low profile design of the VTF series from NetterVibration with an overall height of less than 50 cm is suitable for various pallet formats and enables loads to be moved close to the floor and fed to the table with pallet trucks for fast supply and removal. With a load capacity of up to 1 tonne, it can also be used flexibly and on the move thanks to its integrated castors. The VTF is driven by electric or pneumatic vibrators that generate a vertical vibration. The shaking process optimally distributes the bulk material within the container, closes empty spaces, ideally compacts it and thus utilises the space without gaps.

The elastic bearing supports the necessary vibration amplitude and at the same time perfect vibration isolation so that as little vibration as possible is transferred to the base frame and thus to the floor. The vibrating table is equipped with an SRF series control unit, which can include both a scale and a frequency converter, via which the filling weight, frequency and vibration width can be variably adjusted. The frequency converter enables step-by-step vibration as well as deceleration, which brings the table to a gentle stop.

The customised vibrating table

NetterVibration enables the cost-saving and effective filling and packaging of all types of bulk goods with customised solutions and systems - individually tailored to the container used and/or adapted to specific customer requirements or production environments. These can be, for example, containers, mesh boxes, big bags, octabins and classic cartons. Industry-specific requirements, e.g. through the use of stainless steel devices that function oil-free, for processing materials for the food or pharmaceutical industry are just as possible as ATEX variants in the chemical industry.

Full article published in Schüttgut & Prozess 2/2024 (in German).

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