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Electric Internal Vibrators

Series NCZ and NCZ/S Electric Internal Vibrators

The high power Series NCZ and NCZ/S electric internal vibrators are particularly suitable for achieving high compaction performance with optimum extraction of air porosity, due to their enormous centrifugal forces.

NCZ vibrators thus fulfill the requirements of modern concrete technology. The modular construction makes these internal vibrators very easy to service.

The coil is 100 % protected from burning out by means of thermal sensors. In the event of overheating, the unit switches off automatically.

The head of the Series NCZ and NCZ/S are made by a tungsten carbide coating, reducing abrasion wear. In addition, the special unbalance suspension and the long operating life of the bearings guarantee long-term reliability and lifespan.

There are different versions available: Short (K), long (L) and with hand control (S), always being possible to use a rubber nosepiece which the noise is significantly reduced.

  • Higher centrifugal forces than conventional vibrators
  • Special suspension of the eccentric weight
  • Head tungsten carbide coating
  • Maximum lifetime due to thermosensores
  • Interchangeable elements
  • Nominal frequency 12,000 min-1
  • Centrifugal force 1,160 – 10,470 N
  • Compaction rate 16 – 65 m³/h
  • 42-48 V, 200 Hz or 250 V, 200 Hz
  • Concrete compaction
  • Soil and sand compaction
  • Compaction of any melt product
  • Suitable also for small or private construction sites
  • Series NFC Electronic Frequency Converters

    Frequency converters series NFC are suitable for the power supply of internal vibrators series NCZ, NCZ/S, NCX and NCX/S.

  • Series FSW Frequency and Voltage Converters

    Series FSW converters are ideal with our internal series NCZ, NCZ/S, NCX and NCX/S, as well as external vibrators series NEG and NEH.

  • Series NFG Diesel Generators

    Diesel generators series NFG are ideal for powering our electric internal and external vibrators onsite when no electric supply is available. The converter is coupled directly on the Hatz diesel generator. Secondary current 42 V or 250 V available.