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Corporate History

Over 65 Years of History

2020 – New headquarters

In March 2020, NetterVibration moves to its new company headquarters. One year after the symbolic ground-breaking, the new building was completed in Fritz-Lenges-Strasse 3, only 500 metres from the previous location. With the construction of the new headquarters, NetterVibration is investing in the further growth of the company, including the expansion of personnel and production.

NetterVibration continues to commit itself to Mainz-Kastel and thus to the business location in Wiesbaden.

Netter Branch Australia

2019 – New Branch in Australia

NetterVibration goes down under: In March 2019, the new subsidiary for Australia was established in Mandurah near Perth. Under the leadership of John Isherwood, who has over 30 years of experience in vibration technology, the local NetterVibration Australia Pty Ltd team advises interested companies in the region on vibration solutions.

2014 – Spanish Branch established

Since mid-June 2014, customers on the Iberian Peninsula are attended to quickly and directly by NetterVibration. Three employees with extensive skills in vibration technology and applications are ready to serve our customers throughout Spain. The sales office and warehouse are located in the economically successful north of the country close to the cities of Bilbao and San Sebastian.

Customer feedback has been positive. NetterVibration is pleased to be a competent and reliable partner in the field of vibration in Spain and Portugal.

NetterVibration management team: Thomas Reis, Achim Werkmann

2013 – Generation Change at NetterVibration

Francis Netter, who was CEO of NetterVibration for many years has moved to the Company Advisory Board and will assume its chairmanship. His two close associates, the technical director, Thomas Reis and the operations manager, Achim Werkmann move up in their function and take over the management duties as CEOs. The new managing directors will lead the company in the spirit of its founders, Jean and Anne Marie Netter, into a successful future.

2012 – 5th Anniversary of NetterVibration Poland

NetterVibration Polska Sp. z o.o., the Polish subsidiary celebrated its 5th anniversary on the 18th and 19th of May 2012 in Katowice. Francis Netter, Achim Werkmann, Thomas Reis as well as the two sales engineers Krzysztof Halemba und Grzegorz Bozek met to celebrate 5 years of successful operation.

2008 – Netter Building Expansion

After 6 months of extensive renovation, the company celebrates the inauguration of the new facility with 300 guests.

2007 – New Branch in Poland

Establishment of a subsidiary NetterVibration Polska Sp. z o.o. in Katowice.

2005 – Reservoir Leibis-Lichte completed

Completion of the Leibis Lichte water reservoir. The NVI concrete compaction facility was used up to the end.

2004 – Jean Netter hands over Corporate Management

After 51 years of successful operation, the founder of the business, Jean Netter, hands over the corporate management to his son, Francis Netter.

2004 – New Trade Name

The stronger international orientation is evident in the new “corporate design”. The trademark Netter Vibrationstechnik is replaced by NetterVibration.

2003 – 50th Anniversary of Netter

The company celebrates its 50th birthday in Schloss Biebrich in Wiesbaden.

2003 – ATEX-Certification

Electric and pneumatic vibrators are approved for use in potentially explosive areas, according to the ATEX guidelines.

2002 – Netter participates at Leibis-Lichte-Site

Commencement of the Leibis-Lichte Dam in Thuringia with Mass Concrete Compacting Unit Series NVI.

1999 – Netter Switzerland

The Swiss representative GRUMAG is bought and incorporated as Swiss Operations.

1997 – New Construction of railroads with Vibrators from Netter

Whilst laying the two new Deutsche Bahn rail routes, Hannover – Würzburg and Mannheim – Stuttgart, over 70 tunnels are built. Two thirds of all the concrete casting wagons used are equipped with Netter vibrators.

1991 – New headquarters in Mainz-Kastel

Move to the new company building, built on the green field. The new headquarters are settled in Mainz-Kastel.

1991 – Silent Concrete Compaction

Following extensive development, the first noiseless GyroShake for concrete compaction are erected in a precast concrete plant.

1988 -Netter Vibrators play a big part in the construction of Eurotunnel

The 228,000 concrete elements for the Eurotunnel are produced on the French side, in two shifts, using five computer-controlled NetterVibration’s concrete compaction machines.

1986 – Francis Netter becomes Business Executive

The company founder Jean Netter shares the position of managing director with his son Francis Netter.

1979 – Netter becomes  Netter GmbH

The limited company Netter GmbH takes over the activities of the private company. The starting capital is € 260,000.

1953 – Foundation of NetterVibration

Jean Netter and his wife Anne Marie found Netter Vibrationstechnik as a private company.