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Series NHK High-Frequency Impactors

Hochfrequenz Klopfer NHK

The high-frequency impactors of the NHK series are particularly suitable for loosening highly adherent material due to their linear vibrations. They are particularly efficient for cleaning pipes in heat exchangers and for emptying moulding boxes.

The high frequency impactors of the NHK series generate linear vibration and depending on the setting up to 50 impacts/second.

Whereas impact cylinders induce a relatively high amount of energy per stroke, the Netter high frequency impactor achieves the same cleaning result by gently stroking with a significantly lower amount of energy per stroke, thus protecting the excited components and increasing their service life.

The high efficiency of the Netter high frequency impactors is achieved by the high stroke rate. The stroke frequency can be continuously adjusted during operation by using a pressure regulator.


  • Linear vibration and/or impacts
  • Frequency adjustable between 30 and 50 Hz
  • Higher efficiency thanks to impacts
  • Temperature range between 5°C and 160°C
  • Compact, closed version
  • Noise reduction cover available

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NHK 25
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NHK 25
NHK 25 with control unit


Pneumatic Impactor Series PKL 740 on pipe DN 350

We have designed and manufactured vibrators or pneumatic knockers for pipes, moving structures, heat exchangers and complexe-shaped silos. Whatever the application, whatever your requirements, NetterVibration will provide a customized solution, increasing your plant’s performance.

Netter Sound Protection Hood mounted on PKL 2100

NetterVibration’s Sound protection hoods for pneumatic vibrators and knockers are intended to reduce the sound effectively.

Electronic Timer AP 117

NetterVibration provides two different solutions to control all types of vibrators, reducing the noise level at your facilities, maximizing the performance and reducing costs.

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