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Control Systems

Series NAS and NSS Sequence Controls

NetterVibration's sequence control products provide the best solution for controlling multiple vibrators in sequence of processes. By installing sequence controls on your equipment, you’ll be able to adjust functions precisely to your needs, maximising performance and reducing costs.

No matter what your specific needs are, NetterVibration offers the right solution:

  • Sequence controls of the series NAS is our most popular electronic device because it can control up to 16 vibrators simultaneously per unit, or an unlimited number via serial connection. Plus, the easy-to-set controls allow you to adjust duty and pause times, optimising operational process, and the number of sequences can be fixed to achieve optimal results.
  • Control of the series NSS is a customised solution, providing simple adjustment of idle, pause and duty times. A cyclical repetition of duty times and vibration monitoring can be integrated easily as needed.

NetterVibration provides solutions. Contact us for more information!

  • Controlling and standardising production processes, ensuring quality
  • Individual duty, pause and idle time settings
  • Automatic recognition of connected components
  • Maintenance-free
  • Dust and splash-water protected
  • Control of multiples vibrators and knockers on silos, hoppers and containers
  • Ensure a maximal result cleaning and empting silos, hoppers and containers



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NASmini 8
NASmini 16

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