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Internal Vibrators

Internal Vibrators for Reliable Performance

NetterVibration has acquired vast experience in the construction field, providing different models of vibrators as the Pneumatic Internal Vibrator Series NVV.

Pneumatic Internal Vibrators are designed to operate immersed in a fluid (concrete, sand, melt, etc.) and cause high-frequency circular vibration.

The internal vibrators are extremely reliable due to their simplicity. The circular vibration is generated by an eccentrically rotating rotor with a built-in lamella. When compressed air is applied, the lamella slides into the rotor guiding the air outflow evenly over the entire length of the rotor and forming a high pressure cell between the rotor and the housing which causes the rotor motion. Vibration power can be adjusted during operation via air pressure.

Features and advantages:

  • Circular vibration
  • High centrifugal force
  • Adjustable speed
  • High operating reliabiliabity due to simple and rigid construcion
  • No bearings, therefore scarcely any wear
  • Low maintenance
  • Long lifespan


  • Concrete compacting
  • Compacting
  • Testing

Industries Served:

  • Construction
  • Chemical
  • Foundry

In the chart below, the most significant data for pneumatic internal vibrators are shown:

  Series NVV
From To
Frequency [min -1] 10,000 18,000
Centrifugal Force [N] 1,440 32,460
Housing diameter [mm] 28 150
Effective diameter [cm] 320 1,900
Head length [mm] 234 508