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Fixing Devices for Vibrators

Series NKK Glueing Consoles

At NetterVibration, our glueing consoles of the series NKK ensure the efficient transmission of vibration energy through a solid and reliable installation.

Used with knockers and vibrators, the series NKK glueing consoles are bonded using elastic adhesive agent on the wall of your hopper, silo or container. Its leading-edge design allows for a homogenous and high-performing energy transmission without any damage to your equipment. And because there is no gap between the console and the container, hidden dirt cannot accumulate making cleanup easy.

The assembly of the series NKK is quick and easy and can be installed without requiring a welding specialist and without having to empty the container. Plus, because installation is not a merge process, there is no damage to the glued material.

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  • Available for different vibrators
  • Welding specialist is not required
  • Very straightforward assembly
  • Gap-free interface that’s easy to clean
  • Solid and safe union
  • An alternative to welding
  • Ideal for stainless steel containers with liners and slim thickness