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Measuring and Monitoring Systems

Hand-Held LED Stroboscope

Using our stroboscope all adjustments can be made by actuating the pushbuttons with your thumb (one-handed operation) and the exact frequency of your mechanical equipment will be shown on the multi-line display with the respective units.

Contactless measurements of frequencies are measureable, through the generation of still images. This can be used for quality-control and observation of high-frequency processes. Vibrations of components can be made visible at various rotational speeds.

Hand-held LED Stroboscope is a must in your workshop. Contact our sales manager for more information!

  • Effortless measuring or checking of rotating and vibrating objects
  • Frequency range 30 up to 300,000 flashes per minute (FPM)
  • Accuracy: 0.02 % (± 1 Digit)
  • Especially light-strong (1,500 Lux at 6,000 FPM)
  • For installation, monitoring and diagnosis in running systems
  • Testing and controlling of resonance and vibration characteristics
  • Controlling synchronous running of two vibrators
  • Checking constructions for flexion vibration
  • Measuring speed of rotation or frequency of vibrators