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Lubrication-Free Vibrators

Series NTS Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

The pneumatic linear vibrators of the series NTS are especially suitable for conveying, emptying and compacting bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration. They are used to empty bins and as drives for conveyor and dosing troughs.

A special feature of NTS vibrators is the possibility of the synchronous operation of several NTS when using a coupling kit.

The vibration (sinusoidal oscillation) is produced by a freely vibrating, self-reversing piston. This oscillation supports, expedites or enables a variety of applications. NTS linear vibrators start and stop without delay in any installed position.

The amplitude is adjusted by means of the optional throttle valve. An increase of the supply pressure causes a higher frequency and centrifugal force. ATEX-compliant linear vibrators of the NTS series and units with a stainless steel and plastic housing are available.

  • Linear vibration
  • Resistant against aggressive environmental conditions
  • Nominal frequenies from 827 min-1 to 9,040 min-1
  • Centrifugal forces 32 N to 21,808 N
  • Frequency and amplitude are adjustable separately
  • Synchronous operation possible (NTS 350 and higher)
  • Available in ATEX-compliant or in stainless steel
  • Especially suitable for conveying, compacting and loosening bulk material, sorting products and separating.
  • To empty bins
  • Drives for conveyor and dosing throughs


Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
NTS 80
NTS 120 HF
NTS 120 NF
NTS 180 HF
NTS 180 NF
NTS 250 HF
NTS 250 NF
NTS 350 HF
NTS 350 NF
NTS 100/01
NTS 75/01
NTS 50/01
NTS 70/02
NTS 54/02
NTS 50/04
NTS 21/04
NTS 50/08
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
NTS 50/10
NTS 30/10
NTS 50/15
NTS 50/20
NTS 30/20
NTS 24/20
NTS 50/40
NTS 20/40