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Fixing Devices for Vibrators

Series ASB Weld-On Consoles

Our weld-on consoles of the series ASB  are engineered to transfer energy optimally from your vibrator to your hopper, silo or container without damaging your equipment.

At NetterVibration, our expert engineers have designed a wide variety of weld-on bases that spread the whole force of the vibrator evenly to your hopper, silo or container, maximising performance and avoiding cracks.

We are experts in vibration, so please contact us for more information!

  • Fixing devices for pneumatic impactors and vibrators
  • For mounting on round and square containers, silos and hoppers
  • Spreads the impulse evenly
  • Greatest possible protection of the weld
  • Stainless steel versions available
  • Fixing device for knockers, as well as pneumatic and electric vibrators
  • Cleaning and emptying hoppers, silos and containers