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Fixing Devices for Vibrators

Series SVS Quick-Clamping Brackets

NetterVibration's quick-clamping bracket of the series SVS  is a portable clamping system that attaches your vibrator to your hopper, silo or container in just a few seconds.

With the series SVS, you can use the same vibrator in different areas, which makes it the perfect solution for applications where vibration is not applied regularly, such as performing maintenance.

The quick-clamping bracket of the series SVS consists of two components – a carrier plate where the vibrator is mounted and a U-profile welded onto the hopper. The carrier plate is available in two different versions:

  • SVS 4 S: Fastened with toggle screw
  • SVS 4 D: Fastened with compressed air

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  • Fast attachment and removal
  • Economic use of vibrators
  • Easy handling
  • Low weight and compact design
  • Suitable for small pneumatic or electric vibrators
  • Stainless steel versions available
  • Cleaning and emptying of hoppers, silos and containers
  • Allows use of vibrators on multiple containers