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Packaging Technology With Vibration

With the right packaging technology for bulk goods, companies can make maximum use of the available space in containers, at the same time reducing packaging material but above all minimising shipping costs.

NetterVibration offers the perfect solution with its vibration tables. Whether containers, crates, big bags, octabins or classic boxes – the vibrating tables are always individually tailored to the container being used and adapted to the client’s needs or the production environment.

Driven by a pneumatic linear vibrator series NTK, the container moves horizontally back and forth on the vibrating table so that the bulk material is distributed equally through the space available and the container is filled reducing any gaps to a minimum.

With vibration, the packaging material and the transport costs to the customer are reduced not only offering a cost saving but also a reduction in their carbon footprint.

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Maximising space and reducing costs: Packaging with vibration

A leading global manufacturer of plastic closures, for numerous packaging markets including: food & beverage, automotive and pharmaceutical (headquartered in the Rhein Main area Germany) saw the need to reduce wasted space and save money by using a bespoke vibration table from NetterVibration.

At the packing end of the production process, the company conveys the plastic closures into large boxes lined with a film insert. The boxes to be filled are placed onto a pallet and then lifted onto the tabletop by a forklift truck. In this case the vibration table is designed to accommodate a load of up to 250 kg.

The clients digital control system activates the NTK 55 AL (which is made of aluminium and attached to the base frame of the vibration table), the NTK then starts the horizontal vibration process.

Depending on the weight, size and shape of the closures to be packaged, the vibration process can be adjusted, through the control system, in both operational time and interval sequence. The vibrator is mounted with the FlexiLink coupling and always works in resonance, the result: the vibrator requires only a little compressed air and is therefore very energy efficient.

Thanks to the lateral blade springs, the tabletop vibrates back and forth horizontally at a large deflection of up to 16 mm, so that the plastic closures can be evenly distributed through the entire space inside the box, even in the lower corners it is completely filled, maximising the available volume.

The added value of the tailor-made solution in the form of space, cost and time savings has been so successful for the client that the company has now committed to a total of ten NetterVibration tables.

Products used in this case study
  • pneumatic linear vibrators series NTK by NetterVibration
    Series NTK Pneumatic Linear Vibrators

    The pneumatic linear vibrators of the series NTK are especially suitable for conveying and compacting bulk material, due to the completely linear vibration. The linear vibration is produced by a freely oscillating, self-reversing piston.

  • standard vibrating table VT by NetterVibration
    Series VT Standard Vibrating Tables

    Our standard vibration tables consist of a frame, insulation elements, vibrating plate, drive unit and control system, constructed from the highest-quality materials and components. All of NetterVibration’s vibrating tables are engineered to adapt to your requirements and to increase the performance on your process.

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