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Vibrating Machinery

Vibrating Machinery: easy and thorough bulk material handling

Specific applications require specific solutions: our vibrating machinery deliver unique results that perfectly meet particular requirements.

  • Series VectorDrive Multiple-Shaft Vibration Systems

    The multiple-shaft vibration system VectorDrive offers a multitude of application possibilities. The resonance-free starting and stopping, together with independent regulation of the working direction, frequency and amplitude open up new possibilities for compacting, mixing feeding and distributing.

  • Series GyroShake Shaker Station for Silent Compaction

    GyroShake series are used for the silent compaction of concrete in precast part manufacturing plants. The station consists of a control and a base frame on which a free-swinging frame is fixed by using a patented suspension system.

  • Series NHW Hydraulic Vibrating Unit

    The hydraulic wagon emptying device Series NHW serves to clean adhesions from wagons.

  • Series NHR and NVI Mass Concrete Compacting Unit

    The hydraulic internal vibrators series NHR 150 are particularly suitable for the compaction of concrete of biggest granularity and sand.

  • Series NKH and NKM Vibrating Cross

    Compacting of dry refractory mass for induction furnace using vibration. The NetterVibration vibrating cross consists of a cross-shaped clamping fixture and a pneumatic external vibrator of NVT series. The vibrator is attached to the cross by a quick-clamping device of the NVH 4 series.