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Control Systems

Control Systems For Full Control Over Your Application

NetterVibration’s control systems are the ideal solution for controlling vibrators and vibration machinery.

By integrating a NetterVibration control system at your facility, you will be able to manage your vibration equipment as efficiently as possible. These systems are designed to program the most effective operation sequence, which improves performance and reduces operating cost, while minimizing noise. In fact, our Control Systems allow you to adjust the main parameters on your vibrating machinery precisely, including acceleration, frequency and amplitude. And if you need help, our technical team is always just a phone call away!

Contact us, and let us put our experience and expertise to work for you!

  • Arbeitszeit-Pausensteuerung AP 117 Vorderansicht
    AP Timer

    NetterVibration provides two different solutions to control all types of vibrators, reducing the noise level at your facilities, maximising the performance and reducing costs.

  • sequence control NAS mini 16 by NetterVibration
    Series NAS and NSS Sequence Controls

    NetterVibration's sequence controls are the right solution to control of multiple vibrators in sequence of processes. Installation of sequence controls on your facilities ensures a perfect adjust of applications, maximising the performance and saving operative cost.

  • static adjustable frequency control SRF by NetterVibration
    Series SRF, NFU and ATV Variable-Frequency Controls

    Some applications require frequencies that cannot be achieved with normal vibrator. We offer three types of variable-frequency drives solutions.