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Series PKL Pneumatic Impactors

Series PKL pneumatic impactors are particularly suitable for eliminating stubborn residues from wallspipes and containers.

Common applications include: elimination of tube-forming, bridging and evacuation of residues.

The impact, similar to a hammer, is created by the piston. With PKL 190 – 740 the impact is produced directly against the surface upon which the impactor is mounted. From PKL 1000 to PKL 5000 and PKL 10000 the piston hits the base plate. The compressed air pushes the piston against one or two springs.

The fast evacuation of the piston chamber causes the piston to strike abruptly against the impact surface. Series PKL interval impactors can be operated using non-lubricated compressed air.

  • Higher impact power than traditional impactors
  • Lower compressed air requirement per impact
  • Low-noise versions with elastomer insert EE
  • Versions with automatic control ST
  • ATEX or Stainless Steel versions available
  • Particularly suitable for knocking stubborn residues from walls, pipes and containers
  • Elimination of tube-forming, bridging and evacuation of residues


Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 190
PKL 190 EE
PKL 190 ST
PKL 190 ST + EE
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 450
PKL 450 EE
PKL 450 ST
PKL 450 ST + EE
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 740
PKL 740 EE
PKL 740 ST
PKL 740 ST + EE
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 1000
PKL 1000 ST
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 2100
PKL 2100 ST
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 5000
PKL 5000 ST
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 8000
Title File (PDF) File (DXF) File (STEP)
PKL 10000
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