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Hydraulic Internal Vibrators

Series NHR and NVI Mass Concrete Compacting Unit

The hydraulic internal vibrators of the series NHR 150 are particularly suitable for the compaction of concrete of biggest granularity and sand.

The vibrators are suspended by cardans on the mass concrete compaction unit of the series NVI that is available such as two or three vibrators in a row or four vibrators in square.

Hydraulic excavators, loaders and dozers come into consideration for use as carrier vehicles. For example, the existing bucket of a hydraulic excavator can be removed and replaced by a NVI.

The complete controls for the NHR 150 vibrators are integrated in NVI and the existing supplementary hammer/-scissors operation equipment can generally be used for hydraulic supply and operation. Thus no further modifications of the carrier vehicle are required.

  • Compaction of coarse-grained mass concrete
  • For mounting to hydraulic digger or loader
  • Driven by the digger’s or loader’s hydraulic system
  • Mounting crossrail can be rotated through 90° in both directions
  • Working speed 7,000 – 8,000 rev/min
  • Centrifugal force 21,630 N
  • Compaction rate 30 – 200 m³/h
  • Compaction of mass concrete
  • Compaction of sand
  • Suitable for large construction sites, e.g. dam, power station or harbor construction