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Measuring and Monitoring Systems

Series VibroScanner Vibration Measuring System

The vibration measuring system of the series VibroScanner is used to measure the acceleration and the dominant frequency of mechanical vibration by means of an acceleration sensor.

Possible applications are the measurement of the operational parameters of vibration systems, e.g. frequencies and effective accelerations in vibration feeders, compacting tables or vibration test systems. Thereby, the VibroScanner permits a quantitative process control on a regular basis, thus contributing essentially to the long successful operation of the vibration system. Moreover, it makes it possible for plant manufactures to perform batch controls in vibration drive in order to ensure a consistent product quality.

The sensor used is a capacitive micro-mechanical (MEMS) sensor characterised by high mechanical strength. The signal processing takes place directly in the sensor housing, thus reducing considerably the sensitivity to electrical interference.

The vibration measuring system of the series VibroScanner is a must in your workshop. Contact us for more information!

  • Acceleration measurements
  • Frequency measurements
  • Process control
  • Mains-free and battery-powered (handheld unit)
  • Available for data transfer as a variant for control cabinet installation
  • Measurement of the acceleration and the dominant frequency of mechanical vibrations
  • Measurement of the operational parameters of vibration systems
  • For permits a quantitative process control