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If you require any further information, drawings or documents please use the search box. If you prefer you can contact one of the main technical departments or any of the experienced technical advisors shown below.

Technical Advisors

General Technical Consulting / Development of Technical Solutions

Alexander Kleinböhl
M. Eng. Maschinenbau
Anton Wegmann
B. Eng. Maschinenbau
Hans-Georg Hoffmann
Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing (FH) Maschinenbau
Jonathan Münch
B. Eng. Maschinenbau
Pablo Sanz Juárez
M. Eng. Maschinenbau

Electrical Systems, Electric Vibrators, Controls, Development of Technical Solutions

Felix Burchardt
Jan Fischer
Techniker Elektrotechnik
Manuel Herrmann
Leiter Technik

Vibrating Tables, Vibrating Boards, Concrete Forms, Plant Construction, Development of Technical Solutions

Klaus-Rüdiger Bochberg
Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Maschinenbau
Marco Böck
Raphaël Branchu
Maschinenbauingenieur U.T.C.
Valerius Rossol
B. Eng. Maschinenbau